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about mira.

Hi there! I'm Mira Kaloshi. Through the years, I've come to understand the many facets of Brussels: as a bustling student hub during my studies at EhB and VUB, as the vibrant heart of the EU during my work in EU policy communications, and as a permanent home for many, including myself, who choose to settle and build their lives here. In my current role at Schaerbeek's municipality, I'm deeply in tune with the pulse of our local community. Outside of work, I lead the youth division of Open.Brussels, where I amplify the voices of young liberal minds.

I strongly believe that the prosperity of our city hinges on the successful integration and well-being of its residents. However, integration is a gradual process that requires dedication, active participation, and a real connection with the local community.

I hope this blog serves as a tool to help you achieve just that.

Want to get involved locally? Let's link up. 

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